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Hi again, i have been given a few boxes of fish blood and bone my question is can i fork it into my beds before planting because it says on the box not ,to get it to close to the plants



If you are worried about burning your plants with any fertiliser, mix it with some of your top soil from your beds or garden on a piece of polythene. Leave for a few days to slack and then it will be safe to use as a top dressing.

16 Mar, 2010


I use this all the time when digging something not yet planted, just don't use too much, sprinkle it over to start with and then dig. By the time its all settled down ready for planting (at least a week) then it won't be a problem any way.

16 Mar, 2010


Hi marshall, I've just purchased some fish blood and bone for my plants. I just sprinkled them over the plants and gave them plenty of water. I also put it on the turf where it was looking dead! With watering it every night it's starting to turn a lush green! p.s what do you call your gnome? ;O)

1 May, 2010

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