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We just moved into our new home and we discovered a Buddleja in the yard. The house was unoccupied for at least 7 months, the plant looks to be in sorry shape, its branches are drooping over to touch the ground its not very large probably about 4 ft if I were to pull it straight. I cleared the ground around it and gave it some Miracle Grow all purpose plant food. Our home is to the west of London, and it is now mid March, should I prune it now? and what else do you recommend to help it progress.



prune it now down to two buds, it will do it good ,and youll have a lovely bush again soon. and welcome to GOY.

16 Mar, 2010


Yeap pruned mine this weekend - its easier now you can see the new buds showing.

16 Mar, 2010


If the branches are drooping this might be Buddleia Alternifolia. It is spring flowering and should be pruned after flowering. Look and see if you can see flowers along the length of the branch. Google it for more info on how and when to prune.

16 Mar, 2010


I agree with scotsgran, this doesntsound like the typical budleia. it may well be the B alternifolia in which case pruning now is the wrong action. Are there dead flower heads on the stems?

16 Mar, 2010

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