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what month do you plant potoes



St Patricks Day (17 March) traditionally is the day to plant spuds.

14 Mar, 2010


Iy might be in Ireland in England and Scotland it was Good Friday. If you are growing biodynamically then the first time you would consider planting this year is 29 - 31 March. We hope to plant some first earlies then.

15 Mar, 2010


I was going to say the end of March but watch the weather forecast and if their is any chance of frost hold off for a few days! Much better they go in a bit late than not grow due to frosting! (Believe it or not they are very tender plants!)

15 Mar, 2010


I always thought Good Friday here in Northern Ireland....:>)

15 Mar, 2010


Depending on the elevation, it might need to be a little earlier in North Carolina. Check you local extension service.

15 Mar, 2010

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