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Thanks for the info. the honeysuckle in question are loncera x heckrotti goldflame 3l and loncera peri graham thomas 3l the arch way is north -south root is same direction . I am a complete novice, but love flowers, and do not have anyone else to ask. I keep trying but I get very dissapointed with my results



Well, you have a lot of GOY members to ask now, Alan! Ask away - there's always someone who'll help. :-)

If you do ask a question and want to comment on the answers, it's better to do so under your original question - so you get a kind of 'conversation'.

14 Mar, 2010


The first one you mention has shrub like growth (can be grown in a pot) and likes part shade, gets about 6 feet, the second reaches 13 feet and is a vigorous climber. Neither is particularly prone to mildew or leaf spot. The only other question I'd ask is, are they planted in the ground, or in pots? You can answer this under here - I'll get a notification of it, so will see it.

14 Mar, 2010


Hi, they are planted in the ground and the soil is of poor quality. What type of Humus should I use?

16 Mar, 2010


Anything you can get hold of - composted horse manure, organic soil conditioning compost from the garden centre, leaf mould, spent mushroom compost, chicken manure pellets, any and all of those. Add some Growmore to the mix as well.

16 Mar, 2010

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