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Hi All. I have a Lemon tree it's 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide it has 14 lemons on it all different sizes.I sprayed it with PROVADO 4 Weeks ago on the leaves and on the earth, and on the lemons , its in a pot.Can any one tell me if it is OK .to eat the lemons now.



Provado is systemic so you should be OK. It is effective for 6 weeks so if you are nervous give it another couple of weeks to break down.

14 Mar, 2010


Hi windmill I answered this on your first posting.
Hi Sarraceniac, how was snowy scarborough this winter? Have you had much damage?

14 Mar, 2010


Hi Seaburngirl. You know my penchant for semi-tropicals. I usually lose about 10% of my goodies over winter. This year I reckon I need a bank loan to recover. Lost 3 palm trees (2 x eight and 1 ten years old) 2 large cordylines, an arundo donax, not sure yet about the tree ferns, probably lost at least one £60 one. The citrus was OK in the except the key lime was rushed to ICU in the house and is now (amazingly) putting out new growth. More to find I'm sure. Does that tell you about winter?

14 Mar, 2010

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