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i bought a £200 trachelospernum jasminoides 4metres tall, i removed bamboo supports and trained it onto wall and planted into ground 3 years ago, but it died in summer last year? i have 6 others the same size all planted at same time and they are fine, is there a disease or insect problem for these plants? please let me know as i supply&plant many of these star jasmins.Thx

On plant Trachelospermum jasminoides



Not that I am aware of

14 Mar, 2010


These plants don't have any special susceptibilities and are usually trouble free, though I'm sure you know that planting mature specimens is not only expensive, but a risk as well - they sometimes don't grow well or just keel over. The other thing is no living thing is entirely immune to everything - viruses attack plants as well, could have been that, or perhaps it was just not a strong specimen.

14 Mar, 2010

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