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what do we have to do(i am a school kid)to look after sweet yellow or any colour pepper and how do we look after sweet peppers



they grow best if they are kept in a greenhouse,but can still grow outside if you dont have a greenhouse.plant a seed in a little pot about ( 7cm)with compost at the end of feb or about now,they like to be kept at a windowsill will do.water well and cover will clingfilm,when you can see the leaves take the film off.
when they have grown to about 8-10cm i pot them into a bigger pot about15cm keep them watered so the compost is just will need to keep potting them in bigger pots until you move them to a permanant can grow 3 peppers in a grow bag or 1 pepper in a (26cm) pot.if you have them in the greenhouse then you should mist the plants regularly to keep down a pest called 'red spider mite',but it helps the fruits to set.
you will need to put a cane next to the pepper plant and tie it loosely to the stem as it gets a bit heavy when you have fruit on it.
when the peppers start to form, give them a feed with tomato food which is high in potassium so your peppers will be sweeter.dont forget to keep them watered little and often
when they are big and green you can pick them, they dont need to be red or yellow to pick they will turn later if you keep them under glass
you can just leave them on the plant until they change if you want to.

14 Mar, 2010

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