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Hi, I am hoping that I haven't lost my lovely 2 cabbage palms. With the prolonged Uk winter snow (Yes, I forgot to tie and wrap them) I think my palms have suffered irresverible damage. After the first bout of snow, I tied up the leaves gently to stop any further cold getting to them. Last weekend we cut the ties off and on both plants the spear lreaf has collapsed and come off totally. The other leaves look ok at the moment and one of the plants looks quite sprightly albeit a funny shape now the spear has gone.

Have these plants died now they have lost their spear leafs or may they manage to pull through?

Any help would be appreciated before I dig them up and find it was the wrong thing to do.

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Same advice as given to everyone else on this (because you're not alone) wait and see - leave till mid/end April or even May, depending where you live. You'll know by then if they've survived or not.

13 Mar, 2010

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