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Does this plant have big leaves and grow to 60cm. Can they be moved once planted

On plant Limonium perezii



i have just had a look in my book and all it says is(sea lavender)limonium perezii is evergreen grows H and S 1m (3ft)or more.frost tender min7-10 (40-50f).has long stalked oval shaped deep green leaves dense clusters of flowers 8inch in the autumn, needs good ventilation if grown under glass but dosent say anything about moving them but i cant see why you couldnt do,as long as you take a good rootball.hope that helps abit.

13 Mar, 2010


It doesnt have big leaves but it will exceed 60cm. As plantmaiden says transplanting should be possible but take plenty of soil with the roots.

13 Mar, 2010

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