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I've been having a hard time bringing my potted Scilla peruviana into bloom. Any info welcome.

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It needs temperatures above 50 F. as well as full sun. It is for zones 8 and above outside. I am in a zone 9 and am starting to get buds on mine which are in the ground. Also if it is crowded, that will reduce flowering. Try adding a tablespoon of Epson Salts (which is good for all bulbs). And welcome to GOY.

12 Mar, 2010


Thank you Wylie! I'm sorry my original question was so laconic, but my time unexpectedly got cut short. Here's more detail:

I inherited a huge, neglected pot of squill bulbs in fall of 2007. I fed and watered it over the winter, and got lots of leaves, but no flowers. So I thought, "Ah, it's overcrowded." and in fall of 2008 divided it into seven 10" pots, clumps of 4-6 bulbs per pot. Clumps, because each clump was welded together on the same thick, hard, underground stem, and I didn't want to damage them by using force to divide them further. Lots of leaves through the winter, but no blooms again, spring of 2009. I thought, "It's because I divided them." and left them alone. This winter, I got lots of leaves again, but only two of the pots bloomed this spring, one with only one spike. Very frustrating!

The pots get full sun over the winter. After the leaves die in May, I move them into the shade, and keep them on the dry side, until I see new sprouts in late September. While they are growing I feed them lightly and frequently with a 16-7-6 fertilizer with micronutrients--but magnesium isn't one of them. Guess I'll try some epsom salts, and see what happens.

Hope this info better defines the problem. Any way I look at it, I'm waiting another year.

13 Mar, 2010


Try prying one pot of bulbs apart. I had to divide mine and didn't loose any. If it likes where it is, it multiplies too fast. But it really doesn't like to be disturbed. I have very well draining soil (I'm on a volcanic island) and use MiracleGro once in awhile along with epson salts. They are native to Spain & Portugal, so go easy on the fertilizer. Too often you can get leaves and no flowers from over- fertilizing.

13 Mar, 2010


Thanks again, Wylie!

I think I'll take my little axe, and give my bulb clumps forty whacks...but not until Labor Day, since that's usually about 3 weeks before they start to sprout, here. Meanwhile, they're going on a diet. Did you mean the old formula of Miracle-Gro, or the new one? And about how much epsom salts? Maybe about a milliliter per 4 liters mixed with the Miracle-Gro, or less? Feeding pots is a blamed project, sometimes. Since I garden in hard "adobe" clay, I half envy your volcanic soil, 'though I'm sure it has it's own problems!

13 Mar, 2010


I use the Miracle-Gro for Azalea/Camellia/Rhod. It is the only one that the Base Exchange sells. A 30-10-10 for acid loving plants in a blue box. Use about 2 teaspoons Epsom salts per pot. Sprinkle on the soil and water it in. When I was renting, I did everything in pots, so I know how you feel.

13 Mar, 2010


Sounds like I was using about the right formula, but too much. Thanks for specifying on the Epsom salts: I never would have expected to put that much on! Maybe next March...I hope!

13 Mar, 2010

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