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Could somebody please tell me if it is best to change the soil in my pot grown patio roses, and if so which combination works best.



Are you going to replace the roses with new ones? In which case you should definitely replace the compost. If the roses are still alive, just replace the top 2 inches and give them fresh compost to top them back up. Also, mix in some rose food.

11 Mar, 2010


I have just done exactly what VT suggests. I used a granular rose fertiliser forked into the new topping of compost. they look happier already. I did actually repot one completely but only because it needed a larger pot.

11 Mar, 2010


I would replace the compost every three to four years anyway - they are hungry plants. A good mix is half loam and half general purpose compost, but always ensure they get enough food - greedy brutes!

12 Mar, 2010

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