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hi i have a bottle brush 3years old why dont it flower thanks



I don't know where you are in England so can't get a clue as to local weather conditions - is it in a pot? Do you prune it, and if so, when? And is it planted somewhere sunny and a little sheltered, as in, for instance, against a south facing wall?

7 Mar, 2010


I have one planted on a oouth wall and it has only once flowered in abundance. Possibly through my neglect of pruning, but maybe it is like siome other trees and only flowers every other year. I have thought to remove it but when it does flower it is a real delight, so live in hope

7 Mar, 2010


hi bamboo in cambrdgeshire ive got in the boarder no i dont prune it

7 Mar, 2010


thanks poaannua

7 Mar, 2010


I grew some from seed, and it took 5 years before they started, and a couple more before they started to look good. Just be patient.

7 Mar, 2010


I've got one in a pot on a southfacing balcony here in London - it was 6 inches high when I bought it in September 2008, and was in full flower last year (2009, pics in my photos). This has been my experience with the other 2 planted out as well, though the ones I use are Callistemon citrinus 'Splendens' which seems to flower well compared to other varieties of Callistemon I've tried, like C. 'rigidus', etc. Also, all the ones I plant are in sun, and are kept well watered during dry spells, particularly early in the year before flowering, grown in clay based soil with a more or less neutral ph. I prune them back after flowering if necessary. Not sure how helpful this is to you though Sunshines - you may have a different variety.

8 Mar, 2010

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