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By Murphy

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Why are the leaves and buds falling off my new camilla???

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I don't know unless you give me more info - how long have you had it? If you bought it recently, where was it when you got it - under shelter? Inside? Did you keep it inside for a short while and then just put it straight out? Is it in a pot? Have you kept it watered?

7 Mar, 2010


Sorry for lack of info!!!!
It was a present in feb, still in pot and Iv'e kept it inside due to frost, I have given it little water, but still the leaves and buds continue to fall!!!!

many thanks,

9 Mar, 2010


Not enough water, too much heat, I'd guess - stand it outside during the day (in its wrapper, if its got one) against the house wall in a sheltered spot initially for a few hours, give it a good soak. Turn it out of the pot and see if its potbound and needs to be potted on - repot if necessary into ericaceous compost. Bring it in at nights to a cool place inside, extend the period of time its left outside until eventually its out overnight and not close to the house (over a couple of weeks). Then you can leave it out, either planting it in the garden or in a pot. Keep it well watered.

9 Mar, 2010

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