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By Ell

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

when is the best time to plant a magnolia bush



Hi Ell and welcome to GoY - this is the advice from the Telegraph on line - Magnolias' fleshy roots are easily damaged so they are best carefully planted out of a pot in late spring into a deeply worked, humus-rich soil that does not dry out in summer (Magnolia grandiflora is an exception). They are happiest in a neutral or acid soil.
Mulching in spring is important, not only to conserve moisture but also to keep the roots cool. Leaf mould or composted bark are best. No magnolia can stand a strong, cold wind, so plant them where they are sheltered from the north and east at the very least, and definitely not in a frost pocket. The sight of magnolia flowers reduced to brown rags by frost is heart-breaking. You don't want to prune a magnolia any more than you have to, so make sure you give any shrub plenty of space to expand sideways.

7 Mar, 2010


Thank you for your advice I will follow it and hopefully send a photo of a beautiful magnolia

Regards Ell

7 Mar, 2010


Look foreward to the photos Ell

7 Mar, 2010

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