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By Lynd87

Angus, United Kingdom Gb

I am a complete beginner so bare with me. I have large bushes that i wish to pull out and kay grass over. how far to the ground do i dig for the roots? Can i put tar or other material over the ends of the roots i find? will it grow back? how soon can i lay grass on top of the areas that i have dug?



do you know what the bushes are andwhat do you mean by kay grass, its difficult to advise without more information sorry,

4 Mar, 2010


Don't worry Lynd, we were all beginners once. dig out the bushes as far as you can, with any big roots cut clean. Drill a hole in the middle and with gloved hands, pour in neat Systemic Brushwood Killer (SBK), plug the holes with putty and wrap in cling foil. Cover up with soil, firm the ground level and lay the turf.

4 Mar, 2010


And don't spill it anywhere - it's like water and easy to drip it - and I think Docbob means cling film.

4 Mar, 2010


Oops! yes Bamboo, thanks for that, I got my foils mixed up with my films. I hadn't noticed it.

4 Mar, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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