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Ireland Ie

i am a wood turner , am i at risk of poison from dust and shavings when working yew wood



No idea - this is a garden plant/growing site...

3 Mar, 2010


Anything that is inhaled or ingested may be a risk? It is up to you to protect yourself from air particles?

4 Mar, 2010


My Husband Barry turns all sorts of wood, we cut a few tree's down in our garden & the shavings went in the compost & then back to the soil from where the wood tree grew, it's nice to recycle back to the garden, he has advised you to wear a mask, Ha! Not that he does but its better to be safe than sorry or tie a scarf round your nose & mouth as he does sometimes, he uses one like the Arabs wear.
Be nice if you joined and showed some of your work you have done.

4 Mar, 2010


Possibly, but as a wood turner, you should be wearing an FFP2 or preferably an FFP3 mask as a minimum protection anyway, regardless of what kind of wood - you're breathing in wood dust and particles all the time you're working otherwise.

4 Mar, 2010

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