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I want to identify a particular aster - can i see photos



Hi Guest,I would normally say scroll down to the alphabet at the bottom of this page and click on 'A' to find,but it appears we don't have an asters page !
Instead type in asters at the top right of your page in the search box on this site,this will take you to members photo's and comments.A long way round but hopefully you can find what you are looking for.
I think this needs rectifying so keep trying and there may be an asters page soon :)
I have put in a suggestion,some of our members organise these pages.

3 Mar, 2010


Try posting a pic of it on this page and someone may know it? There is an Aster page on Goypeadia!

4 Mar, 2010


Thanks Drc it's just been added today :)

4 Mar, 2010

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