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I have a dracaena tree where it gets good light. My first one finally died. All leaves turned yellow and died. This second one was good for awhile; same thing is beginning. Drainage good, was told to sprinke iron 12-10-10, on top when I water, appx. 10 days. Now all leaves from bottom up, several rows are turning yellow overnight. Help, please. Thank you.

On plant Dracaena marginata



I'm not surprised - this plant doesn't have any special requirements for iron, and if by 12-10-10 you're speaking of NPK, that seems a bit off balance for a foliage plant. Stop using whatever it is you're using and if the plant survives, feed with a general purpose foliage plant food (not food for flowering plants) which in Britain would be something like Baby bio or Phostrogen.

2 Mar, 2010

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