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i have a beautiful camalia shrub about 5 years old. every year there are plenty buds but shortly after opening they all turn to rust colour then they drop off they are pure white on opening leaves are healthy all year round hope you can help



Is the shrub facing east? It could be that the buds are getting frosted and when they thaw, they drop off. That's common with an east-facing camellia, sadly.

1 Mar, 2010


It is okay for the buds to get frosted as I understand it the problem comes when they got the morning sun on them whilst still frosted. This creates the bud rot. So if you camellia is planted in an oepn east facing border you could try to move to somewhere more sheltered.

2 Mar, 2010


That's what I tried to say - but you explained it much better, Mg. :-)))

2 Mar, 2010


xxx Spritz

2 Mar, 2010

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