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how does one perform stratification on berberis julianae (wintergreen barberry) seed for 20 weeks to get them to grow? The seed are said to be "mildly dormant" How do I care for the seeds to keep them fresh?

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There's nothing magical about stratification, it just means the seeds need cold treatment before they will germinate.
By far the easiest method is to sow in a pot, cover with gravel, and place the pot outside all winter in a sheltered spot (covered with a sheet of glass) and then bring the pot under cover in late spring and wait for the seeds to germinate.
The alternative is to put the whole pot in the fridge, or mix the seed with slightly moist peat and put in the fridge in a plastic bag (NOT the freezer section) and leave it there for 20 weeks, then sow the whole lot in spring.
(But my wife has now threatened to divorce me if I continue to put so many pots and bags of compost in the fridge!)

1 Mar, 2010


Ah Bertie Mr MB inherited our old fridge when we revamped the kitchen. It is now in the potting shed/workshop and he can put as many pots as he wishes into it :-)

1 Mar, 2010

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