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When do you start and how often do you fertilize already planted blueberries?

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Well for us not at this time of year :-)

23 Feb, 2010


I have had blueberry bushes in containers for the past few years. Aim to have at least 2 bushes, to improve crosss-pollination. As you already have them planted, are they in the ground, or in containers?

They require acidic soil/compost, same as rhododendrons/azaleas. I repot my container-grown bushes every second year, using purchased ericaceous compost. In Spring, replace the top few inches with new compost, and mulch with something like pine needles (quite acidic in themselves, and readily collected from local forest walks). Try to water always with rainwater (acidic, and no shortage here), rather than tap water, and feed now and then with a proprietary ericaceous liquid plant feed (the equivalent to phostrogen tomato, etc feed).

Sounds complicated, and awful??? It's not, at all Takes me 30 mins annually to repot and top-dress, and costs a mere £2 per year! in liquid feed! Unfortubately, none of our berries have ever made it into muffins, etc., as they are eaten by us long b4 they get there!!

Hope you find this useful, and will join us here! :-))

24 Feb, 2010

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