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Is Robinia fast growing and will it thrive where there is honey fungus?

On plant Robinia pseudoacacia



Its very fast growing very pretty I love mine.
HF grows on live and dead trees. Box elder, Californian black walnut and Yew seem to be virtually immune and other resistant species include Grand and Noble fir, bamboos, hornbeam, beech, ash, Common ivy, junipers, larch, Cherry laurel, oaks, False acacia and whitebeam.

Fruit trees and bushes should not be grown on areas known to be infected, and particularly susceptible species such as birch, cypress, lilac, pine, privet, walnut and willow (Salix) should also be avoided.
I hope this helps?

20 Feb, 2010


forsythia and ribes are susceptible to HF also. I have a holly that succumbed too.

20 Feb, 2010

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