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Although i am a gardener, i still have a lot to learn.
Compost: i have just purchased a council bin. What do i not compost? I have been told that spent ground coffee is good. Help!



Make sure you have a good mixture - vegetable and fruit peelings and leaves, banana skins coffee grounds and tea leaves, shredded paper and cardboard, some grass clippings, NO left over food stuffs like meat or fish. Annual weeds, but not perennial ones, small prunings if they aren't woody; a few leaves well mixed in are OK, but raked up leaves are really better composted on their own. Egg shells must be crushed or they come out the same.
Hope this helps.

Make sure that you dampen and turn the compost - good luck!

19 Feb, 2010


I put my hoover bag contents in mine, shredded paper unused/uncooked raw fruit, veg/salad most non woody garden growth, tea leaves and of course the grass when its cut. I put leaves in bags and not in the compost bin. I turn it and throw in any worms I see. Its in a sheltered corner and in winter its covered in an old carpet too. Keep the contents varied not too much of one thing at a time. Enjoy, composting is some thing I love doing.

19 Feb, 2010

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