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How do I fix a gutter to my shed when the roof sticks out a further 3" beyond the shed walls? Is it possible to buy brackets that extend to account for the overhang?



have just asked my Hubby,as he had to do this with ours.You need to screw a batten on to the shed,to fix brackets on for the guttering.,and no to the second part of the question.Hope this helps.

17 Feb, 2010


If you can get or make brackets long enough yes screw them to the wall. I have the same problem but in my case the roof sticks out 18" so I simply drilled small holes at the end of the roof and attached wire loops to hold the gutter in place. It's been like that for years.

17 Feb, 2010


You can buy longer brackets for guttering, we needed some for the same problem.

17 Feb, 2010


I was going to make some brackets Drc, but you know how it is, one of those temporary/permanent jobs :=)

18 Feb, 2010


Thanks for the help - have got a baton attached to it now, so it'll fit ok.

I looked everywhere for longer brackets but no luck. Just out of interest (and in case I ever need to gutter another shed!) where did you buy yours, Drc?

19 Feb, 2010


The builders Merchant near us had them Peaches

19 Feb, 2010


Hi, I'm not sure if you've sorted your problem, but Hall's Rainsaver is most definitely the easiest, quickest way to fit guttering to practically any outdoor building that I know. I am disabled and have no fingers and even I could install it and attach it to my very very old and tired shed in seconds due to the clever brackets. It doesn't matter what sort of roof you have, and it fit my Mum's plastic shed too! Just search for Hall's Rainsaver and it'll come up! Hope this helps.

29 Apr, 2013

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