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Hi. I'm Rik and live in Manchester. I have two Phoenix Canariensis palms, both palms being 150cm (5ft) tall and both are planted in large planters. During the past week (8-2-10), the leaves on both palms have gone all brown and dead looking. Does this mean the plants have not survived the hard winter? or is there something I can do to save them. Appriciate any help. Rik



Hi Rik - I don't know a lot about these, but I would have thought Manchester was too far north for them to survive without some sort of protection, like fleece. This winter has been pretty hard again and now we've got this drying wind too - not good for any plants really. Try and have a look right in the middle of the plant to see if there is any sign of green where the new leaves grow out from. Otherwise, it might just be a case of wait and see if they send out new growth in the spring. Good luck...

13 Feb, 2010


It sounds as if the planters have been frozen would have been safer to have protected the pots or planted the palms in the ground. The other thing is to tie the branches up around the crown of the plant....they do this in the mediteranean regions from October to protects the crown from the winter winds. Deep in the stem of the palm is water which keeps the palm alive during the hottest driest months. It could be that this has frozen.

15 Feb, 2010

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