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By Faran

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi. New but enthusiastic gardener needs ways to stop my cats using my lovely new garden as a loo. Non toxic/organic only please



I'm own (am owned by?) a cat. Try these:-

1. Provide your cats will a regularly cleaned litter tray (your neigbours will like this too!)

2. Keep your cats in at night (should do this anyway).

3. Plant densely so that there is no convenient soil patches inbetween plants.

4. Push twiggs into patchs of loose soil (for example while plants get established) - these will prickle your cats' bums when they squat!!

5. Use a product called Scoot, whcih I've found effective and I use it on my veggie patch. It's a powder you mix with water and water it on. It just smells bad to cats.

Good luck!

13 Feb, 2010


Not sure why it works, but if they have a favourite patch, fill a plastic bottle with water and stand it on the patch.
Have heard several reports of success although my sister's garden has more bottles than plants! Mind you, she no longer has a cat problem.

14 Feb, 2010


Has it something to do with light reflection that cats dont like?...:>)

14 Feb, 2010


Hello Faran :-)
To stop my 2 cats going on a newly dug area i push sticks and canes into the soil in that area.
It looks a bit like i've planted dozens of canes instead of plants but it keeps them off ...... i plant them in tightly knit circles so they can't get through them ..... it works for me !

14 Feb, 2010

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