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Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently purchased an Azalia in a pot from our local garden centre.The plant will be kept indoors please will you advise concerning room, temperature, watering and feed ing of plant. Thank you.

On plant Rhododendron ponticum



Cool room, not on a windowsill in full sun, keep moist but not wet, mist in the air is dry. Above all accept that azalias sold in pots in flower for indoor decoration are less than likely to survive. Having been forced into flower and kept in a pot they are not happy chappies.

Oh and Rhododendron ponticum it is not - that is a garden roddy that grows extremely large.

12 Feb, 2010


If you bought your azalea from the outside of the garden centre (and not the houseplant section inside) then it is one that needs to be outside and it will not tolerate being indoors.

13 Feb, 2010

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