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whats the difference between formative & routine pruning



formative prunning is to produce a single main stem and routine is to remove dead or deseased branches, or,to keep shape, hope that helps,

11 Feb, 2010


Formative pruning is relevant to the development of the young tree. It is to establish the framework of main branches: is your tree going to be an espalier, or a bush, or a step over, or a goblet shape. Formative pruning involves taking out all the shoots or branches which do not conform to the desired shape.
Routine pruning on the other hand involves the shortening of branches back to fruiting buds, or the removal of crossing and surplus branches, or depending on what type of fruit you are growing, the removal of old wood and encouraging of young wood on which fruit may be borne.
The specifics depend very much on the type of fruit and even the variety being grown.

11 Feb, 2010


Sorry Sanbaz, we posted at the same time. You say in three lines what it took me 13 lines to say!

11 Feb, 2010


lol bertiefox no probs, very well explained anyway ;o))

11 Feb, 2010

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