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I bought an "Orange Star" climber last Summer and it really grew vigorously


By Penny1

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

In response to you kindly asking what my Orange Star was, I hage typed out below what the plant stick says - and I am most grateful for your help. Kind regards - Penny.
Climber. hunbergia Alata "Orange Star" is a fast growing climber with triangular, toothed green leaves. It produces orange flowers with a dark centre from mid-summer to the first frosts For best results plant in a sheltered site. STICK ALSO SAYS PREFERS FULL SUN! Prefers moist soil but well drained soil in full sun. Great for containers r growing on walls, rellis or pergolas. Up to 2.5 m tall and 1m across. This evergreen climber grows and flowers year after year if protected from temperatures below 7o.c



What type of climber is an Orange Star, Penny ?

11 Feb, 2010


The general advice with any plant that might have been affected by the cold weather is to leave it until the spring, at least into May, to see if there's any life in it. I have no idea what climber this could be, but it would help to know, to be able to be more helpful. It may be that it dies back anyway, like some clematis, then regrows from ground level.

Could you please give us some more information?

11 Feb, 2010


Like the others say, "Orange Star" is probably the variety name of the plant - so there'll be another bit of the name in front of that, like, for instance, Solanum or Passiflora. I've googled Orange star and come up with Guzmania but they're not climbers, so more info please!

11 Feb, 2010


Quamoclit species such as Star Ipomoea come in orange. It is a climbing vine and might fit the bill. It is described as borderline hardy. so if it is this then leave and keep fingers crossed and hope it comes away from the base.

ooh curious and curiouser:o)

11 Feb, 2010

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