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Hi there, I hope you can help me, would anyone happen to know if this is the plant that is supposed to help the memory as I was reading earlier on that there are a variety of health giving herbal remedies with the same name I would be interested to here your thoughts on this. Thank you.

On plant Bacopa monnieri



i hadnt heard that this did. there is evidence that Ginko biloba has some properties that helped with memory.

10 Feb, 2010


ive forgot the question aquamarine, can you repeat it plez lol, sorry couldnt resist, ;o))

10 Feb, 2010


Thanks for your reply, I shall keep trying on the internet to find out more.

10 Feb, 2010


Hi Sanbaz, thanks for the reply
Bacopa Monnieri - there are some herbal tablets with the same name but are quite expensive and they claim to enhance the memory and I wondered if it was the same plant and whether a drink could be made from the plant.

10 Feb, 2010


Oh, do please take care making your own, Aquamarine! It's not always a wise thing to do - how will you know how strong to make it, for example, or if such an infusion might be toxic? I really wouldn't advise you to try without a recipe to follow.

Good luck with your research.

10 Feb, 2010


Thanks Spritzhenry

10 Feb, 2010


i would go and talk to a hearbal shop or if you have a chinese medicine shop in your area they are good for natural remedies aqua... :o)

10 Feb, 2010


and I am going to be controversial here. are all herbal remedies genuine? also some will adversley interact with conventional medicines. so do take care aquamarine.

10 Feb, 2010


Thanks guys for all your replys.

10 Feb, 2010


Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is supposed to be good for memory too.

15 Feb, 2010

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