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Roxburghshire, United Kingdom Gb

fast growing shrub to cover a trellis



Depends what you want? As lots to choose from - Honeysuckle early dutch (Lonicera periclymenum Belgica) or Gold flame, Roses, Clematis (Montana's), Passion flower, Ever lasting sweet peas, Hydranga, Ivy, Pyracantha, Jasmine, Wisteria (sinensis Prolific) and Virginia creeper. you need to decide which type you prefer then we can offer help on a variety?

10 Feb, 2010


Russian vine...:o)

10 Feb, 2010


russian vine bluespruce? Crikey, htat will cover the town htey live in :)

10 Feb, 2010


ah but they did say to cover it fast. Thats the 'mile a minute' plant isnt it.

10 Feb, 2010


and a lovely plant to even though it takes over,

10 Feb, 2010


yes sbg, wiht htat totaly unpronuncabal name- polygonum bauldschianicum or sumthin like that (my freend writ b word cos my fingers no cope-hehe) it belong in my garden dictonry un der hte hedin DISASTER PLANTS -ACTALY, I JUST THIN OF NEW BLOG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

10 Feb, 2010

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