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By Umi

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

black spot on roses & all fruit trees please help



Different things actually.
Black spot on roses, use any fungicide sold for the purpose, Rose Clear? (Personally I would just dig out the roses and plant something nice instead).
The Apples have probably got Scab. Since spraying edible stuff with poison is not a good idea, I use Copper sulphate (Bordaeux Mixture is similar if you cannot find c.s.). Spray at fortnightly intervals from when the leaves appear until the flowers are open, then give it a rest. Spray again after the fruit has formed and stop a couple of weeks before the fruit is ready. If the problem stops, then stop spraying. Collect up and burn or bin any really badly affected leaves.

9 Feb, 2010


Dont give up on your roses give them a good prune this spring and spray them when and often as the instructions say and keep the area underneath free from dropped leaves etc. Also feed/mulchg them and give each one a tablespoon of Epsom salts around the base if the leaves are yellow.

9 Feb, 2010

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