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I have an American Wisteria (Amethyst Falls) which I have had for two tears and when I bought it the label said it had been nurtured for two years.It is not making any progress as each year any foliage that appears just then disappears in the winter and is back to the same size.I have fed it once or twice but I have never pruned It as I am reluctant to do this due to the lack of growth. I bought this at B&Q and the label says American Amethyst Falls



Having done some research, there appears to be some confusion about American Wisteria Amethyst Falls and a version also called Amethyst Falls which is, in fact, Japanese (Asian) Wisteria. The American version has shorter, chubbier flowers and is said to flower much earlier (when the plant is less mature) than the Japanese wisteria commonly seen here, so first, I'd ask whether you're absolutely certain the cultivar you have is actually American wisteria and not Japanese. Did it come with a picture of the flowers (which is probably the easiest way to tell)?

8 Feb, 2010

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