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My garden of 2 years is very bare and overlooked, I have put a few bamboos in and hope they make a natural higher cover for privacy - I like modern plants but also love mature gardens that seem to be more secluded. Can anyone tell me what to buy so that I get my secluded garden as quickly as possible.



Bamboo is good, but ours has become very invasive.
Would it be possible to erect a trellis for some Clematis? A quick solution that would give you the privacy, yet leave space for taller shrubs/trees to mature in to.

6 Feb, 2010


trellis is a good idea as there are lots of climbing plants-- some evergreen to give you privacy all year how about climbing roses, you could always grow some annual climbers until they grow My other idea would be to have an arbour or gazebo again with plants and flowers both high and low then you could 'have a cup of tea' in peace!

6 Feb, 2010


Trellis is defuinately a good idea with either climbing roses or Passiflora
Or you could have the following Buddleja Globosa, Buddleja Davidii, Pampas Grass , Forsythia. All of which will give you some privacy .
I have these in my garden and they are brilliant for keeping noosy neighbours etc looking over the fences.
I know i had a go about DT Browns seed merchants earlier but they are cheap and they do do trees and shrubs , they are based in Norfolk , they also do various other seeds and accessories

6 Feb, 2010


Eccremocarpus Scaber is a prolific grower & would be ideal if you were to use the trellis temporarily whilst other things were becoming established.

6 Feb, 2010

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