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is it to late to plant tulip bulbs



it is a bit but put them in anyway. they may well flower. give them a good feed afterwards to restore their food reserves for next season.
welcome to GoY b the way.

5 Feb, 2010


And do not touch the leaves until they have died back completely

5 Feb, 2010


thanks for your response seaburngirl and moongrower will keep for right time

7 Feb, 2010


No, sorry we have obviously not been clear, you need to plant a.s.a.p! The bulb already has this year's flower sitting in it. You need to get into the NOW - like YESTERDAY! If you simply leave the bulbs sitting around in a bag or such they will try to flower and then it will be bye, bye bulb as they will have no way of feeding to generate next years flower. Get the bulbs planted now!

7 Feb, 2010

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