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Advice on Flowering Cherry Tree

I bought a small flowering cherry tree which had been grafted onto a base stump and planted it in my small front garden last year. On looking for advice on pruning I've read many notes indicating that flowering cherry trees can have problems with root growth damage to surrounding buildings etc after a few years. The tree is about 6 - 8 ft from the corner of our house and 3-4 feet from the pavement on a corner plot.

I don't know if the fact it has been grafted onto a differnt base stump may curtail the growth?

Will I have problems later and should I replace it with something else? If so what would you receommend?





What variety name has it i.e. Prunus serrulata 'Kanzan' or Prunus avium 'Plena'. The variety name will give some sort of indication as to the eventual size of the tree. The stock could be one of several root stocks used for the genus Prunus and will almost certainly be unknown. All I can say is that it's rather unlikely to be a dwarf stock on an ornamental type so the variety name will be needed to give an indication of the eventual height/vigour.

1 Feb, 2010


it is intrest htat many morgage company wil condition htat a prunus be remove if wihtin 10 mtrs of house becos of root s - at only 2.5mtrs your tree is farto close for any ornamnetal

2 Feb, 2010


I would personally steer well clear of planting ornamental cherries in any garden never mind a small front garden. the roots are surface and far reaching over time, not to mention the possible suckers that will begin to appear if you disturb the soil around the root zone.

2 Feb, 2010

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