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i have owned a bird of paradise plant or about 2 years so far it is about 3 feet 6 inches tall but no flowers where am i going wrong, it has plenty of light but not in bright sunshine help!!!!!!



I take it you mean Strelitzia by bird of paradise plant? If so, patience, I'm afraid - they take 4-6 years to flower, and will get pretty large by the time they do - probably a ten inch pot minimum. It likes bright light, shade from summer sun through windows (or outside, if you move it outside in the summer, I don't move mine), minimum temp in winter 55-60deg.F. Mine's the same age as yours, but certainly not that tall yet!

25 Jan, 2010


They start flowering well when they are bursting out of the pot on their large fleshy roots, but that must be a big pot, as Bamboo says, a minimum of 10 inches. Ours flowered for the first time in a conservatory in the UK after three or four years.
But the good news is, once it's flowered once, if you keep it fed and tidied up, it should flower every year after that, and you get more and more flowers each time.
You do need to repot it from time to time, and they get pretty big.
Ours stands outside all summer long. It had some light frost this winter before we got it in the conservatory, but it looks fine and has some good flowershoots.
It survives in an unheated, but frost free conservatory. They're pretty tough once they get going, large and leathery.

25 Jan, 2010

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