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By Idcr32

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

We purchased over 65 griselinia littoralis (in pots) last November and planted same month. These were beautiful lime green in colour and since the hard frost/heavy snowfall have now turned brownish in colour - i'm concerned the leaves will not recover their beautiful colour again.......can someone offer any advice please?

On plant Griselinia littoralis



Sadly, that sounds like frost damage, as these shrubs are borderline hardy. I doubt if any treatment will help them at the moment, but if they do survive, you could give them a feed in the early spring - try blood, fish and bone.

You may find that the leaves fall off after a few weeks - then there's not a lot of hope, I'm afraid. What a shame! I am sorry.

18 Jan, 2010


as Spritz saide they are not fully hardy. i grow them at my nursery and would never recomend them for north yorkshire...the brown leaves will fall off..but dont give up just yet.....i have known them to grow new fingers crossed

18 Jan, 2010


Thank you Spritz & Sandra for your thoughts on this nightmare!
I'm gutted we may lose them now, as we spent over £1,500 (5ft high) - will just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope they will recover....not looking good though.

19 Jan, 2010


That's a great pity and a lot of money - I think you should complain to the supplier that they've sold you unsuitable plants for your situation. Did they warn you that Grislelinia littoralis isn't reliably hardy - especially in the north of the country?

19 Jan, 2010


Hi Spritz - we explained to the guy that we wanted an evergreen hedgerow but not laurels (as we have these at the side & back of house) and he suggested/recommended this plant. We called this morning and he said not to give up hope, as they are likely to recover by spring/summer and if not, asked us to call back and they'll see what they can do....just have to hope 1) they revive or 2) if not, we can get a more suitable replacement.

20 Jan, 2010


i hate it when plants i sell die....but if a customer tells me and has followed my planting advice i replace them.....please let us know the outcome...ill keep my fingers crossed for u...only happened to me twice...

20 Jan, 2010


They really should replace them with a more suitable and HARDY plant if they don't recover, as they recommended them. I have my doubts whether they will, to be honest, but you never know. I'd like to know what happens as well! Do please keep in touch - and your receipt too! :-)

20 Jan, 2010


Some of the plants are not too bad, as they are protected by the garage. I'll give them some fish, blood & bone this weekend to see if this encourages the roots......will keep you posted!

21 Jan, 2010


Please do! good luck. :-)

21 Jan, 2010

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