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How do I get a cutting from a cordyline sparkler? Is this possible? I have searched all over the internet and can't find anything! Does the sparkler get 'offshoots'? Can I collect seeds somehow? I have no idea what to do, any help would be great



I found an Australian website called 'Burkes Backyard' that seems to have quite good details of how to do this.
1. Use a sharp pair of secateurs to cut the main stem off around 50mm (2") from the base. Leave the stump in the soil, as it will reshoot and form a new plant.

2. Cut the stem into sections about 70mm (3") long. As you go, shave a sliver of bark off the base of each cutting so you'll know which is the right way up - if you plant the cuttings upside down they won't grow.

3. Plant the sections in propagation mix or even potting mix. They will soon strike, and when large enough can be planted out in the garden.

4. The top part of the plant with the leaves can just be pushed back into the soil. It should grow if you plant it in a sunny position, keep the water up to it and perhaps reduce the size and number of leaves.

13 Jan, 2010

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