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Middlesex, United Kingdom Gb

I would like to research the properties of Bitter Vetch, aka Heath Pea, Latin name: Lathyrus linifolius. Can anyone advise me where I can get seeds to plant, and the best way to get them to thrive?

On plant Lathyrus linifolius



Then I suggest you either join GoY so we can dialogue with you or do a google search on the plant.

12 Jan, 2010


Try looking in seed catalogues as Suttons seem to have seeds

12 Jan, 2010


Ah... Guest has amplified their question - yes check seed catalogues you can click on the Thompson and Morgan ad to the right of this chat.

12 Jan, 2010


Hi, I have seeds available, growing instructions and a source of reference. Enter Bitter Vetch in Ebay for details. Kind regards mark

14 Jan, 2010

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