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By Shill

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

can i re-plant my 7ft cordyline australis



I'd give it a go - try to keep the roots intact and prepare a larger than you think you'll need planting hole before you dig it out. But don't do it while the ground is frozen, which is probably is where you are currently - it's even frozen here in London today!

4 Jan, 2010


I answered you other enquiry regarding your Cordyline but for this one I would say it is possible having moved one nearly as big myself several years ago. The dense, thick roots make a solid root ball that isn't too exploratory regarding wayward roots so best excavate a trench around this about 2ft 6ins from the base and once exposed you can get under the roots and lift or haul it out with extra hands.

4 Jan, 2010


Happy New Year Bamboo :-)

4 Jan, 2010


Cheers Fractal, ditto - too tired and cold to care about anything much today, lol

4 Jan, 2010

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