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which is the best way to keep watering a Poinsettia?

read somewhere that you need to leave the pot sat in water in a dish for the roots to take up the water But searched the web before and there was info saying water the soil round the stem---any ideas and how do you keep them going for next xmas? thanks



It isn't really worth trying to keep them going for next year, to be honest. It's a time-consuming activity involving keeping them in the dark for hours every day for weeks - and even then no guarantee of success.

I don't think that you'll go far wrong with either method of watering. Not too wet, not too dry!

1 Jan, 2010


Hello 80s,

My kind colleagues have given me one of these colourful plants both this year and last for my late Nov. birthday. Now I'm no good with houseplants at all, and was fascinated when I got the first one to find on t'internet whole sites devoted to their care. If you like spending time pampering your plants, by all means give it a go with the cupboard/so many hours covered darkness a day stuff. I'd struggle!
Also, I believe they are members of the Euphorbia family (?) so not my faves, and watch out for possible poisonous sap.

2 Jan, 2010


Water from the top or bottom avoiding leaves as they tend to mark
dont over water and dont leave water at bottom of pot as it will rot the plant.
Easy to keep if not over watered and not in draught do not let it get frozen (certain death)
Ther ws another blog on this and eveything you needed to know was on it dont remember what it was called though

2 Jan, 2010

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