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how do i grow tacca from seed

On plant Tacca chantrieri



I had a look on Google for you: this is what I got.

Growing Tacca from seed is very hard, not for the beginner gardener. Soak the seeds 24 hours in warm/hot water (hot enough that you can put your hand in). Use a thermos bottle to keep the water hot during this time. Sow in trays, pots, etc. using a good seed starting mix in a propagator or warm place. It is essential that the soil temperature is high and kept steady. Use regular seed flats and clear plastic domes. Place the flats on a propagation (heat) mat for additional bottom heat.
Sow 1/16 inch deep in good seed starting mix and seal the container using a polythene bag, cover with plastic wrap or use a clear dome to keep moisture in. Do not use regular potting soil - it's too heavy and does not allow the seeds to breathe or water to drain properly. Heavy soil can also cause the seed to damp off. Sprinkle a little bit of sphagnum moss on top to help retain moisture on the seed and mist them daily with warm to room temperature water. Bottom water can also be added to help promote good root structures, but don't drown them!
Germination can take from 1-9 months so be patient. Don't toss out your seed beds thinking they won't germinate.
Ttransplant seedlings when they are large enough to handle into 3" pots using a good free draining compost with 10% added grit (sand). Be SURE its washed or the salts will damage your plant. Do not use beach sand. During the growing season (late spring to late summer) the plants need to be watered very regularly and the compost must we well drained.

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29 Jan, 2010

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