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hello I am moving house in January and have a large range of plants and shrubs I'd like to take with me, is it possible that they will survive given the time of year?



Bubble wrap pots, bag up any you are lifting out of your garden. Water well before you go. Store in a frost free area at your new home. Plant out again when frosts have gone.

20 Dec, 2009


Hi Cheshiregarden's and welcome to GoY. I'm sure you've already done this but any plants you remove from the garden have to have been agreed at time of sale.

Look forward to hearing about your new garden...

20 Dec, 2009


Just to expand on Moongrower's comment. Anything in pots at the time of sale may be removed as 'furniture'. Anything growing in the ground belongs to the property and may only be removed if specifically excluded from the sale in the contract which was agreed with the buyer.
After all if you bought a house with a lovely garden and then moved in and found it had been removed in the meantime you would be rather annoyed to say the least..

21 Dec, 2009


Owdboggy didn't know about the pots being 'furniture' I'll keep that in mind!

21 Dec, 2009

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