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How much can I cut back an out of shape Hibiscus and when would be the best time to do it.



If this is Hibiscus syriacus, then it needs minimal pruning in late winter or early spring. Just cut out damaged or crossed over branches.

12 Dec, 2009


beat me to it spritz. though a neighbour cut his down by 2/3rds. it didnt flower that summer but it has recovered well now.

12 Dec, 2009


In addition to the excellent advice from spritz, I remove any small growths low down plus any branches growing into the middle of the shrub to keep it from getting congested. If I need to reduce it, I take off a complete branch rather than cutting it back

12 Dec, 2009


They're such slow growers! My two are nowhere near needing a prune!

12 Dec, 2009


Thaks to everyone who helped with my question.

13 Dec, 2009

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