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I have severly pruned my artemisia and now realise it should be done in spring and not so severly, is there anything I can do to save it?



Not really - if you pruned it very recently, you just might get away with it - if you did it back in say, beginning of October, and there's lots of new growth, you might not. The problem with pruning things hard is that they may decide to respond by putting on a growth spurt in the leaves, etc., if the weather remains unseasonably warm, at exactly the time of year when you don't want it - that new growth will be tender and exposes the plant to much more risk from cold and frost. So what I'm really saying is, if you have lots of new leaves coming, you could try covering with fleece when the weather is really cold - if there is no new growth, wait till spring and see if it grows again then or not.

9 Dec, 2009

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