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Why is my money plant just shedding leaves? There is no fungi, I do not over water it. The leaves look a usual dark green and are also still quite shiny - what's left of them! There are a few and a mean a few dark rust coloured spots on some of the leaves. The plant is four years old and is about 2ft high - it was grown from a 6 inch cutting. Please help I do not want a bald money tree.



These have a short rooting system do not over water as this kills them. I would have it in a seperate pot with in a pot and when watering let the water drain out not to sit in the water as I have done this and an oap told me all this and said I am drowning it. I m sure some one that knows better here will enlighten you on this subject, I can only tell you what I was told.

3 Dec, 2009


do the rust spots rub off ? if they do it sounds like it has a fungal infection. perhaps spray with a fungicide and let the compost 'dry' out a bit.has it been moved from a warm to cold room or vice versa. sometimes a chill causes plants to drop their leaves.

3 Dec, 2009

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