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By Lambton

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

how do I cut down my umbrella plant it is 8ft tall and take cuttings



Are you talking about an indoor plant, Lambton? That used to be called Heptapleurum and is now called Schefflera? If you are , I can tell you exactly what to do, because I have one too and am always cutting it back and rooting new plants. If that is the plant you mean, wait till late Feb/early March (f you can bear to) , cut back as much as you want. Take the tops you've cut off, shorten them to about 8/10 inches, remove the lower leaves, pop them into water (I use an old drinks bottle, helps keep the stems from dropping or leaning too much). Stick on a window sill and wait - should be about 6-8 weeks, but keep the water topped up and check regularly - when the roots appear, pot the cuttings up.

2 Dec, 2009

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