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When is the best time to sow the seed of Mirabilis Jalapa ?

On plant Mirabilis jalapa



Either in early spring under glass at 13 - 18 degrees, or in situ when all danger of frost has passed.

Hi Lollipop! I live in Somerset, too! Welcome to GOY. I hope you enjoy it. :-))

27 Nov, 2009


yes I agree, early spring with bottom heat. I have a vague memory that you soak them in hand hot water for about 10 mins to help break seed dormancy. but you had better double check on that. [memory suggests they are called the hot water plant too.]
welcome to GoY too.

27 Nov, 2009


Isn't that Achimenes, Sbg?

27 Nov, 2009


yes you are right. knew there was something wrong with my answer. bless you spritz.

27 Nov, 2009


Aaaaattchoooo!! LOL.

27 Nov, 2009

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