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I have a fairly large pony tail palm, 1.2m bulb circumference, 1.1m high. Last winter it got killed by the heavy snow which froze the crown. It now started to grow 2 little side shots. What do I do? Can I cut those off and plant them? Will they grow? are they just living of the big bulb and will die in time anyway? Do I have to keep the big bulb with those little side shoots? The plant is in a big tub, too big/heavy to move.
Can you help, please?
cheers Ralf

On plant Beaucarnea recurvata



You can root the offsets in spring with a little rooting hormone and a propagator, If you want to try sooner you can tie damp sphagnum moss around the base of the offsets to encourage roots

20 Nov, 2009

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